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Aromatherapy Essential Oil & Blends

Aromatherapy Essential Oil - 100% Pure

Our Essential Oils are expertly sourced from around the world. These are all 100% natural pure essential oils full of powerful properties for mind and body.

Our pure essential oil blends are combinations of pure essential oils that work well together, to promote relaxation, energy, happiness, etc.

Blends are an easy way to use essential oils. Whether you want to unwind or feel re-energised we have a blend for you. Suitable for use in a diffuser, added to carrier oils, or used to make other aromatherapy products.

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Massage & Carrier Oils

100% Natural

We only supply premium all natural carrier oils. We have a range of cold pressed carrier oils such as Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Grapeseed.

These cold pressed oils are excellent for use with massage; they can be used by themselves or as a carrier oil for pure essential oils. They are full of nutrients and fatty acids that will leave the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.

Pre-blended Massage oils - these have been pre-blended for your convenience. Popular with our natural therapist and spa customers.

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Natural Skincare

The range of natural skincare was born from a professional aromatherapists desire to create a truly unique skincare range, which work in harmony with your skin.

Handcrafted using only the highest quality ingredients and our quality essential oils.

Our skincare products are free from artificial fragrance, added colour(s), petrochemicals, SLS, alcohol, & parabens.

Not Tested on Animals

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Raw Ingredients

Our extensive range of premium raw materials are available to both manufacturers and individuals creating their own products and can be combined with our bases to create wellbeing and cosmetic products with your own unique touch.

Our range of quality raw ingredients include natural vegetable oils, clays, butters, waxes, & more.

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Kits & Accessories

romatherapy Kits which cater for all levels of experience. From starter packs through to professional kits, suitable the beginner, therapists, & home enthusiasts.

Our aromatherapy accessories range includes a selection aromatherapy kits, wood essential oil storage boxes, Essential oil travel bags, blending and measuring equipment, diffusers & inhaler

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Bottles & Jars

Amber bottles with closures including, caps, dripolator caps, sprays & lotion pumps.

Amber Jars with caps suitable for balms, creams, and other cosmetics.

Our range of is suitable for the storage of essential oils, aromatherapy products and cosmetics.

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