Raw Cosmetic Ingredients & Base Products

Our range of raw cosmetic ingredients provide the perfect high quality ingredients for your special creations.

This quality range of all natural ingredients are suitable for manufacturing products for re-sale or your own DIY Cosmetic products.

Base Products

Our base product range are unscented\fragrance free. Specifically formulated for you to add your own essential oils ond\or ingredients and tailor the product to your own requirements.

Our base product range includes:
Hair Care Bases
Massage oil Bases
Soap Bases
Perfumers Alcohol

base products

Raw Ingredients

We offer raw ingredients for manufacturing formulations and DIY Cosmetics. If you’re interested in pure natural cosmetic ingredients we are the place for you!

Our ingredients range includes:
Cosmetic Clays
Essential Oil Dispersant
Natural Butters, Salts, & Waxes
Vegetable Oils