Essential Oil Solubilser (Dispersant)

Essential Oil Solubiliser (Dispersant) an essential ingredient for incorporating essential oils into water-based products.

This Essential Oil Solubiliser is naturally derived from almond oil and coconut oil. Colourless and odourless with a neutral PH its ideal for emulsifying essential oils in water-based products.

  • Essential Oil Dispersant Quick View
    • Essential Oil Dispersant Quick View
    • Essential Oil Dispersant

    • Essential Oil Dispersant (Solubiliser) is used for incorporating essential oils into water-based products Essence of Wellbeing Essential Oil Dispersant is derived from natural almond and coconut oils, is clear and with low odour, so it won't interfere with the aroma of your essential oils. Essential oils are not naturally soluable in water, which can make it difficult to include essential oils…
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